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CAPITAL TOBACCO LTD -fabrica de prelucrare a tutunului in Moldova .

We are able to provide blends to meet all customer specifications. We offer a variety of cut rag options including  our own and consistent with  the customers’ taste different  blends.
We have the ability to supply any of your tobacco blend needs to meet specifications and delivery requirements:
¥ American Blends
¥ Virginia Blend
¥ Customised Blends
We can also cut tobacco for the following uses:
¥ Cigarette Tobacco: king size & super slim size
¥ Roll Your Own (RYO)
¥ Shisha Tobacco

Capital Tobacco owns and maintains big storage ideally situated ,allowing us to offer tobacco storage services at competitive rates and to provide complete tobacco storage services:

¥ Tobacco storage
¥ Tobacco inspections
¥ Carton labeling
¥ Tobacco fumigation

Datele de contact:

Telefon: +37368671313
Mobil: +37368671313

Domeniile de activitate CAPITAL TOBACCO SRL:

> Alimente/Bauturi > Bauturi Alcoolice Tigari si Tutun

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SW 5 m/s vt
736,8 mm Hg pr.  82% um.

EUR 19.8861
USD 17.7261
RON 4.0177
RUB 0.2374
GBP 23.6175
UAH 0.6559
BGN 10.1684
TRY 1.4790

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