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NEOADVANCED Web Design & IT Development

NEOADVANCED Web Design & IT Development is a web design studio. Our area of expertise covers a lot of web graphic technologies, giving you a satisfying web development experience that produces great results.We have been providing PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE DESIGN, graphic and banner design, logo design, web development, web site maintenance services and many other solutions. We have over 2 years of BUILDING EXPERIENCE and BELIEVE that you would be very pleased with what we are activating now

Datele de contact:

Telefon: +373 79518887
Mobil: +373 79 518887

Domeniile de activitate NEOADVANCED Web Design & IT Development:

Servicii/Consultanta > Altele > Altele

Constructii/Amenajari/Mobilier > Mobilier si Amenajari interioare > Design

Servicii/Consultanta > Publicitate si media > Design

Arta/Bijuterii/Cadouri > Decoratiuni si design interior > Design artistic

Computere/Soft/Internet > Internet > Design web

NEOADVANCED Web Design & IT Development activeaza in Chisinau




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