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ECOSPORT GYM, fitness-club

Фитнес клуб Ecosport Gym
Рациональная архитектура здания обеспечивает простор и максимальную функциональность клуба. Тренажерный и кардио зал укомплектован 80-ю тренажерами ведущих мировых производителей: Nautilus, TechnoGym, Star Trac, MKB-Germany.

В двух залах групповых занятий проводятся более 20 различных классов по современным фитнес-программам, боевым искуствам и детскому фитнесу. В прилегающем к клубу парке проходят тренировки по программам OUTDOOR с возможностью использования горных велосипедов, роликов и гребных лодок.

Занятия ведут квалифицированные инструкторы с высшим физкультурным образованием, мастера спорта международного класса и заслуженные тренера республики.

Gym and cardio machines, group training classes, aerobics, cycling, Yoga, pilates, dance, boxing.

The club prezents a number of divers services for achieving good form and keeping perfect shape. Improved health and wellness guaranteed.

Nobody offers such a varriety of choice to meet your personal requirements. We work for those who care about their future, who want to stay beautiful and healthy for years. We welcome all visitors.

Welcome to ECOSPORT GYM- world of healthy lifestyles and good moods.

ECOSPORT GYM is based in a two-story building downtown on a silent marvelous street at "VALEA MORILOR"park entrance. Total club area-1200 m2.

Rational architectural design provides a relaxed but challenging atmosphere with maximum club functionality.

Gym has 78 machines of leading world producers,including Star Trac,Bcube,Florsystem,Technogym.

More than 20 types of modern fitness programs take place in two rooms of aerobics.Outdoor training classesand classes using mountain bikes take place out in the park.

Classes are conducted by qualified instructors who have Sportive University Degrees:they are masters of international class trainings.ECOSPORT GYM offers an individual approach,new technologies and modern equipment.Various fitness programs and workouts for any age and taste.Our training methods draw upon your health assessment,taking into account newest medical science achievements-all these shape new attitude towards fitness.

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Телефон: 022233081

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